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TOUYON Beer Garden

Beer garden where you can also
enjoy fish and shellfish!
Beer garden where you can also
enjoy fish and shellfish!

All weather beer garden at the roof top of Touyon Market!

Fresh ingredients with BBQ style! It is only possible because its directly connected to the market.

 Available for reservation!

  • Mother's Day and Father's Day: Eligible person will get 3x tokens! (800 yen → 2,400 yen) *Family visits only

  • Jul. & Aug. Only! If you come to the store in a yukata, you will receive a 500-yen gift certificate.

  • Limited time only until the end of June. Weekdays are good deal![Weekday discount] 4,900 yen → 4,500 yen (excluding Fridays, Saturdays, and days before holidays)

  • You feel safe at Touyon Beer Garden since it is “Outside with Roof

  • [Finished]Thanks to your support, we are celebrating our 7th anniversary! Opening Celebration: Up to 700 yen off [Adults 4,200 yen!] (4/19-5/6)

  • [Finished]May 5 Children's Day: Free for children under 18 years old! (Only for families visiting the store)


We accept reservations over the WEB or Phone. Reservation for large group / part private hire is available. Reservation over the phone is avilable 12:00~21:00. Please note that calls to our shop phone might not get answerd at the busy Shop Opening Time of the day.

We will send you great offer information via Instagram & LINE!

Instagram LINE:friend


Directly connected to Touyon Market!

Directly purchasing the ingredients from the maker. Starting from Yakiniku BBQ, there are more than 50 choices available at our buffet! There are token tickets available to use at our Extra charge Items section.

All weather beer garden

We have tents Installed
so there is no worries of
rainy weather.

There is no worries of the weather on the day or sudden rain.
The organisers of gtroups of customers
are free of stress!

On top of it,
we have wind barrier
curtains Installed as well!

Even in a cold day or windy day,
our curtains and heaters willkeep you comfortable.

We would like to pass
the Sendai morning market
on to the next generation.

After the war, several fresh food markets in Sendai City were consolidated into the Sendai Central Wholesale Market, and due to the emergence of supermarkets and the demographic donuts phenomenon, the Sendai Morning Market now operates as the only fresh food market.

We would like to provide a breath of fresh air into Sendai Morning Market.

The Sendai morning market has changed with the times. The New project to pass it on to the next generation is

turning the Touyon Building to be a complex facility with restaurants.

We purchase directly from the market shops at downstairs mainly selling freshly caught seafood from Sanriku, and deliver it to our customers on the spot. TOUYON Beer Garden participated in a project that aims to revitalise the market while offering customers a new way of enjoying the market.

Desire of TOUYON Beer Garden
While inheriting the thoughts
of the Sendai Morning Market,
which has a long history as
the kitchen of Sendai,
we would like to create new value.

Fresh ingredients are purchased daily from the market, and delivered to customers in a BBQ style on the rooftop of the market. “Value creation that can only be achieved by being directly conneced to the market.” We aim to be a beer garden that is loved by the local community.

Prices and System

Basic Plan

“Eat All You Want” BBQ
¥800 token tickets
“Drink All You Want” (2hours)

  • Adult ¥4,900(VAT inc.)
  • JS&HS Stu. ¥3,900(VAT inc.)
  • ES Stu. ¥2,500(VAT inc.)

    *No golden ticket included

All-you-can-eat seafood BBQ!  Premium Plan

Only available by reservation
(a day before the visit date at latest)

“Eat All You Want” BBQ
“Eat All You Want” Seafood for BBQ
“Drink All You Want” (2hours)

  • Adult¥6,600(VAT inc.)
  • JS&HS Stu.¥5,600(VAT inc.)
  • ES Stu.¥3,500(VAT inc.)

  • (Free of Charge for Preschool Child)
    (Time Extension of 30min : Adult ¥500 ・Free of Charge for ES Stu.)

    Registered invoice issuer

    ※Entry by only underaged people are prohibited.
    ※We kindly ask you to gather all the payment to your group organiser in advance.
    ※Cash, PayPay, Rakuten Pay and various Credit Cards are accepted for payment.
    ※Opening periods and hours are subject to change without notice due to weather and other factors.


Here's how to enjoy
the TOUYON Beer Garden

  • Admission fee payment

    Please pay [Basic Plan] ¥4,900 (VAT inc.) or [Premium Plan] ¥6,600 (VAT inc.) for 2 hours of admission (all you can drink and eat) at the entrance. Those paying for the [Basic Plan] will receive token tickets worth ¥800 to be used at the venue. The [Premium Plan] does not include token tickets.

  • Use of Buffet & Pay Corner

    The venue offers all-you-can-drink beer and various drinks and all-you-can-eat food. There is a buffet section and a Extra Charge Items section.
    Those on the [Basic Plan] can get food from the Extra Charge Items section with the token tickets given at the entrance.
    The [Premium Plan] offers all-you-can-eat BBQ fish and shellfish, including fresh bivalves, which are only available at the Sendai Morning Market.

  • For guests who still want to have fun

    Your exit time is indicated at the top of the ticket. However, if you still want to keep the party going, you can stay. All you have to do is pay the extension fee at the exit when you leave. The extension fee is 500 yen per 30 minutes, which is possibly more economical than going to another bar!
    ※Please note that the time extensionmight not be available depending on shop congestion.

  • Gift token for your next visit!

    Groups that do not leave any food or drink leftovers behind and cooperate with the time limit will receive [(¥200 worth of token tickets which can be used next time) x (number of people)]! Please ask a member of staff when you leave the shop.


[ Shop Information ]

Directly Connected to Sendai Morning Market
"TOUYON Beer Garden"
3rd Floor, Touyon Market Building, Chuou4--3-1, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi.
Fri, 19th Apr.2024 〜 Sun, 10th Sep.
[ TOUYON Imoni Garden : Fri, 20nd Sep.2024 〜 Sun, 12th Nov.
[Kotatsu Garden : Fri, 22th Nov. 2024 〜 Fri, 31th Jan. 2025]
Weekdays 17:00 〜 23:00 / Sturdays 15:00 〜 23:00 (Last Order : Food 22:00 / Drink 22:30)
Weekends and Bank Holidays 15:00 〜 22:00 (Last Order : Food 21:00 / Drink 21:30)
Reservations outside business hours are welcome! Please contact us.
Reservation for large group / part private hire is available as well.
Closed On
Mondays (if Monday is a Bank Holiday, the closed day will be replaced) [Open every day in July and August].
Number of Seats
About 180 seats
(all seats are ready for any weather)
Basic Plan
Adult ¥4,900(VAT inc.)
Weekday discount ¥4,500(VAT inc.)
(Excluding Fridays, Saturdays, and days before national)
JS&HS Stu. ¥3,900(VAT inc.)
ES Stu. ¥2,500(VAT inc.)*No golden ticket included
All-you-can-eat seafood BBQ! Premium Plan
Adult ¥6,600円(VAT inc.)
JS&HS Stu. ¥5,600(VAT inc.)
ES Stu. ¥3,500円(VAT inc.)
※Free of Charge for Preschool Child
Cancellation Charges
50% of the fee will be charged for cancellations or reduction in the number of guests on the day of the event.
100% of the fee will be charged for no-shows or cancellations.
If you wish to change the number of people in your party, please do so until the previous business day.
If the number of people increases on the day of the event, we may have to ask you to move seats apart or pack them in. Please understand that seating is limited.


Inquiries to the TOUYON Beer Garden and Press and media enquiries.

Directly Connected to Sendai Morning Market
TOUYON Beer Garden
Public Relations Inomata

Reservations to the TOUYON Beer Garden.


《Reservations outside business hours and surprise plans are available.》
(Calls accepted for:12:00〜21:00)

Web Reservation

  • 【Summer Period】

    TOUYON Beer Garden

    Fri, 19th Apr. 2024 〜 Sun, 15th Sep.

  • 【Autumn Period】

    TOUYON Imoni Garden

    Fri, 20nd Sep.2024 〜 Sun, 10th Nov.

  • 【Winter Period】

    Kotatsu Garden

    22th Nov. 2024 〜 Fri, 31th Jan. 2025